One Step Disinfecting/Deodorizing Wipes
· Fungicidal
· Pseudomonacidal
· Tuberculocidal
· Bactericidal
· Virucidal
Disinfects Herpes Simplex Virus Type 1 & 2 Influenza A2 (Hong Kong) & HIV-1 (AIDS virus)

Medaphene® SCRUBS® Disinfecting/Deodordizing Wipes are a unique way of disinfecting and deodorizing hard non- porous surfaces in one step with no overspray or formula waste.
This system contains an abrasive, non-scratching wipe that breaks through the biofilm* found on non-/porous surfaces allowing the highly effective formula to disinfect and deodorize the organic debris present on surface.
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* A biofilm surface barrier is formed when organic matter such as blood, body fluids, and organic waste dries to give a protected breed- ing place for germs.

U.S. PATENT #4,469,614 + 4,654,374

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Container Size: 30 towels per bucket.
Introducing a Revolutionary Breakthrough in Hard Surface Disinfecting...
Medaphene® SCRUBS® patented phenolic/gluteraldehyde non-alcohol formula combines an effective germ- killing disinfectant with a tough abrasive wipe that loosens dried-on surface soils to allow complete penetration and wetting for optimum disinfection. Unique Medaphene Scrubs quickly loosen contaminants and organic matter where germs breed while the non-alcohol formula penetrates and insures that the surface remains wet longer to destroy germs.

For use on hard non porous surfaces in:
· Hospitals · Factories · Health Clubs · Schools · Medical Offices · Dental Offices · Veterinary Facilities · Hotels · Restaurants · Public Facilities · Day Cares

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